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FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm PST
with this and the press treatment, this is the real meaning of obama's election. there is going to be a lot of stuff that went kerfluie. i don't think the press and the government i don't even think the republicans will push it. >> that's bad. >> i think so. i had a cold for awhile. >> it is a combination of two words. >> i think it is in the mad magazine lexicon. >> cerflewie is one of the names of my daughters so tread carefully. >> this is pretty horrible i think. we know something horrible happened there, but some flunkies, remi, well get fired. susan rice will drop out which you are for because you didn't want a woman as secretary of state anymore, correct? >> that's a question? >> there was a question in there, but i was looking at your radiant beauty and i was lost in your eyes. >> wow, who are is this man and what did you do with greg? >> the report is disappointing. they don't place any blame on any individual. but we know three state department officials have resigned. as you said, we know something happened. there were failings and short comings from every part of our justice system. i th
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
states, not for long because of obama care. >> it may just be they have better drugs. >> no, no, no. that's ridiculous. they have terrible drugs. that's why they die. >> tomato-tomato. >> so bill wyman is waiting at the nhs? >> when we lived in london we had private health care. when i moved there they said you are not doing nhs. they put mooy on some weird thing and the -- they put me on some weird thing and oh the times i had. >> bill, did you say you wrote a profile of fee yow gnaw apple? i said, oh that was really good. thanks for acknowledging i could read. >> apparently the american drugs are good. >> then they started talking about myself in the third person. >> you kept going on and on about how good it was. >> it was one of my finest works. >> it is one of the writer's finest works. >> bill, i actually agree that a lot of this is the artistic personality or whatever you want to call it. i don't think it applies to just musicians. it is actors, am buds man, painters, whatever. >> just the top esh lon of artists, the misunderstood and cat loving. >> when you go to your ambudsman me
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2